More Than Human: Tim Flach

Tim Flach makes some of the most stunning portraits I’ve ever seen. They are imbued with subtlety, grace and an amazing sense of humanity, despite the fact that humans very rarely appear in them. Tim Flach photgraphs animals; from horses and dogs to pigs and bats, to several creatures that I don’t even recognize, and he’s simply amazing. The portraits are not elaborate, nor are they man handled into oblivion in post. They are, instead, simple photographs (okay, maybe not so simple) that attempt to show the viewer the essence of his subject, the soul, if you will. Visit his site for more…but you may want to get a cup of coffee first, since you may be there for a while.

Tim FlachTim FlachTim FlachTim FlachTim Flach

Books: Tim Flach

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