More RadLab Recipes!

Not long ago, we reviewed a fantastic Photoshop plugin from Totally Rad, called RadLab. Shortly after the review, we posted our first Recipe Pack, which we got some great feedback on. Despite the fact that some of you may be getting tired of hearing about RadLab, we are definitely not tired of using it. I think I could spend hours with this plugin (and I probably have), just experimenting and playing to see what kinds of looks I can create. Previously, I was spending much more time in Lightroom than in Photoshop, but now I tend to take my photographs directly into Photoshop just to see what I can come up with using RadLab. Jeffery and I really like, and use, the plugin ourselves, so we are very excited to share our second pack of recipes, aptly named the F&B Recipe Pack, vol. 2. There are an additional five free recipes in this pack and all you have to do to use them is download them and import them into RadLab. Of course, you do have to own a copy of RadLab, but that isn’t difficult either and it’s well worth it.

F&B RadLab Recipe Pack, no. 2 F&B RadLab Recipe Pack, no. 2


1. Launch RadLab from Filter->Totally Rad->RadLab

2. Click the Recipes Tab

3. Click the Import Button

4. Select the Recipe(s) you would like to import and click Open




F&B Recipe Pack, vol. 2

F&B Recipe Pack, vol. 1