Nettie Edwards

Making Art With An iPhone: Nettie Edwards

If you still think that the iPhone can’t be used to create “real” photographs, in addition to living under a rock, you obviously haven’t seen the work of UK-based artist Nettie Edwards. Nettie is an award-winning fine art photographer (though she calls herself an artist who uses photography), and one of a growing number of photographers who create absolutely stunning work with their iPhones. She embraced the technology early on, beginning with the iPhone 3G, then moved to the 4S about a year ago. She says she doesn’t use a lot of apps, preferring instead to get as much as possible in camera. Her images range from perfectly composed landscapes and architecture to wonderfully ethereal figure studies; still frames from a moving picture dream. Her work has garnered her several awards, including a Julia Margaret Cameron Photographic Award and has appeared in galleries in Europe, Japan and the United States.

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[via The D Photo]

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