L.A. Style: Herb Ritts

“You can copy the lighting, you can copy the sort of superficial elements. But, you can’t copy that sort of connection the photographer has to the subject.” -Ivan Shaw, Vogue

If you made a list of iconic photographers, chances are, Herb Ritts would be not only on it, but, likely, very near the top. L.A. Style is a fantastic short film about Ritts’ life and work. We profiled Ritts in one of our Spotlights, but this video shows some great behind the scenes footage of Ritts at work, as well as brief interviews and sound bites from the models, photographers and people who knew and worked with him. It’s interesting to note that virtually everyone spoke of Ritts’ ability to connect with his subjects in a way that few other photographers could. Supermodel Tatjana Patitz said, “He could bring you out of yourself and make you feel something he needed you to feel.”


Herb Ritts Herb Ritts Herb Ritts Herb Ritts


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