Carlo Ricci

I’m All In: Carlo Ricci

Big landscapes, cinematic portraits, classic fashion and beauty. These are all ways you could describe the work of photographer Carlo Ricci. Entirely self-taught, the former engineering student slash basketball coach discovered his love for photography in his mid-twenties after picking up his one of his dad’s film cameras. “I just fell in love with photography,” Ricci says. After finishing his studies, he packed his 5D and moved to Australia to pursue photography full-time. After only a few months, Ricci began booking shoots; advertising, editorial, even fashion. After just two short, but successful, years, he found himself feeling restless, in a creative rut, so he and his partner flew to Argentina and drove a VW van all the way to Canada, “shooting video documentaries for international NGOs along the way.” Despite his relatively short career to date, Carlo Ricci has got a fantastic body of work, and even offers some advice for up-and-coming or would be photographers. “Shoot a lot, different subjects,” he says.”Start with your friends—they’re available, relaxed, and especially easy to work with. Analyze your shoots afterwards—what went wrong, what did you do right, what would you do different next time? Keep a record of your successes/mistakes so that you can repeat the former and avoid the latter. Be committed, believe in yourself, and look for your own voice/style.” Sounds like good advice to us. In addition to his main site, be sure to check out Fuji Madness, his tumblr blog, dedicated to photographs made with his Fujifilm X100.

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