A High-End Product Shoot With Karl Taylor

If you are looking for the best photography training out there, look no further than Karl Taylor and his superb Photography Masterclass. We’ve gone on and on about how great his photography training DVDs are. In fact, they’re the benchmark by which we measure everything else; they’re better than Kelby and better than Creative Live. Karl’s incredible technical knowledge, inspiring creativity and unabashed enthusiasm help you learn faster and learn better.
A couple months back, Karl posted a fantastic behind the scenes video of a lingerie shoot. In the video, he breaks down building the sets, as well as the how and why of placing the lights. Well, Karl just launched his new pro photography training portal and to help promote it, he’s offering a superb FREE pro-level tutorial; a teaser of what you can expect from his monster six-disc Advertising, Product & Still Life Photography Secrets training product. In this tutorial, you’ll go start to finish through a whiskey bottle product shoot, from setting up the shot, to lighting and even a few little secrets for getting more dramatic results.

When you’ve finished the whiskey tutorial, be sure to have a look at the trailer for Karl’s upcoming and epic looking FASHIONSCAPE DVD. I must say, we have all of Karl’s training DVDs and FASHIONSCAPE really looks to be the best one yet. I’ve been talking to Karl throughout the production process and can assure you that they are pulling out all the stops on this one.

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