Global Yodel: One’s Home Is Another’s Destination

One of the things we have heard over and over from photographers, particularly street and lifestyle photographers, is that there is nothing “interesting” to shoot where they live. Urban photographers long for wide open spaces, while some photographers living in more rural areas lament the lack of atmosphere or energy only to be found in “the big city.” I know that Nikki has felt this way many times; insisting that she has shot “everything worth shooting” in our little corner of southern California. It’s completely untrue, though I understand why she feels that way. Where you live becomes familiar, routine, even boring, because you’re there, in it, every day. But, the reality is, great pictures can be made pretty much anywhere, even where you live. Another thing to consider is, what’s normal and mundane to you may be absolutely amazing to someone else across the country or around the world. Recently, we stumbled upon a fantastic site, called Global Yodel, that celebrates the uniqueness of the places where we live. On the surface, it may seem like just another photo sharing site. But, unlike Flickr or 500px, this isn’t a place to dump gigabytes worth of photos. Instead, Global Yodel is based on one simple idea: one’s home is another’s destination. Simple right? They want you to share, in a single photo, a portrait of where you live.

From the Global Yodel Contribute page:
“Your hometown – where you spend your time – is what we want to see. Share your place and the culture there. Be it beautiful, ugly, happy, sad, tasty, thirst-quenching, funny, inspirational, traditional, innovative, cutting edge or informational. Let us know what you love, hate, thrive on, take pride in, or do for fun in your city. Avoid submitting a photo that could have been taken anywhere. Just make sure it has at least a little trademark of your spot.”

We think this is an absolutely fantastic idea and, frankly, are a little jealous that we didn’t come up with it first. We are lucky enough to have followers from, literally, all over the world and would like to encourage all of you to participate and submit your own photographs to Global Yodel. Show us where you live, whether it’s what you love about it, or what you just can’t stand. What makes where you live unique? We’re listening. 


Hong Kong by Alex Ogle Byron Bay Australia by Alex FringsIstanbul Turkey by Andres Gonzalez Tel Aviv by Natalie KaplanFrance Moulin Rouge - Matthieu Soudet Dubai UAE by Jeff VergaraGlobal Yodel Map