Gear Up: The Tools Documentary Filmmakers Use Most – 2013

As someone who is very gingerly dipping his toes into making the transition from stills to motion, I have found myself regularly overwhelmed by the sheer number of options there are when it comes to choosing the “right” gear. I love my Fuji X-Pro1, but it’s really a stills camera. The video functionality is basic at best and feels more like a last minute addition to help round out a spec sheet. So, like many of you, I spend time reading reviews on various sites, hoping to glean some insight into what “kit” makes the most sense for what I want to do and how much I have to spend.

Recently, POV conducted an equipment survey of nearly 150 documentary filmmakers to see what gear they were using. The survey covers everything from cameras and lenses to audio and post-production. They have even included stats on the type of equipment that filmmakers prefer to rent, rather than purchase.  While the idea of a mountain of statistics may sound daunting, the infographic below cuts through the chaff and presents the information in a very straightforward manner. Keep in mind that, apart from a few pull quotes, this merely provides a snapshot of what filmmakers are using, not why.

For reviews and field tests of much of the gear listed in the survey, we recommend visiting the following sites:

No Film School
Philip Bloom


POV - Documentary Tools Survey - 2013
[via POV]

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