Ourit Ben Haim

Five For Friday #68

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Ourit Ben Haim Ourit Ben Haim

The Underground New York Public Library is an online, ongoing photo series by Ourit Ben-Haim. Taking portraits of, what she calls, the “Reading-Riders of the NYC subways”, she is trying to remind us that “we’re capable of traveling to great depths within ourselves and as a whole.” When you look through the site and read some of the titles people are reading, you’ll see that we are not a nation of idiots as the media would lead us to believe.

Wendy Sacks Wendy Sacks

At 36, Wendy Sacks was diagnosed with a connective tissue disease which caused arthritis in her joints. For 11 years she spent a lot of her time in a wheelchair, getting relief in the bathtub, joined at times by her young daughter. Bringing her camera in the tub with her she found a new passion, which has turned into therapy and a profession. A former Pediatric Emergency Physician, she uses water as a “medium for physical and emotional healing” in both the present struggles she deals with, as well as past memories of her former patients. [via Behold]

Joseph O'Leary Joseph O'Leary

Facial hair is a definite expression of style and personality, and not just for hipsters. Photographer Joseph Daniel Robert O’Leary spent a year and a half documenting how different each one can be. Shooting more than 130 men in his studio, he says, “Each portrait is an exploration into that man’s passions, personality and unique individuality.” He is now trying to turn the project into a coffee table book called, Of Beards and Men. [via My Modern Met]

Kirk Crippens Kirk Crippens

Although Detroit recently made headlines when it declared bankruptcy this last week, it has happened in other places first. Kirk Crippens documented the fallout on the city of Stockton, CA, when it declared bankruptcy over a year ago. [via NPR The Picture Show]

Ron, otherwise known as the “Beach Captain”, spends his days on the beach of the River Thames building sand sculptures. He has been a fixture on the South End for nearly a decade and filmmaker, Tom Akerman, tells his story in this heartwarming short.

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