Thierry Cohen

Five For Friday #47

“You don’t need endless time and perfect conditions. Do it now. Do it today. Do it for twenty minutes and watch your heart start beating.” – Barbara Sher

Thierry Cohen Thierry Cohen

Starry skies in the midst of skyscrapers is a rare sight, only to be seen when there is a major power outage. Thierry Cohen uses blended images to show how brilliant cities would look without the competing light pollution. The purpose of these photographs? To show the city dweller stars to “help him dream again”. [via New York Times]

Hong Kong Apts HongKongApts1

Although Hong Kong has been ranked as one of the worlds most livable cities, many of the population live in apartments as small as 40 square feet. The human rights organization, Society for Community Organization, commissioned a photographic project to highlight these poor living conditions. Taking this unique aerial viewpoint, we are able to see, not only the cramped spaces, but the people who inhabit them as well. [via My Modern Met]

Jamie Poole Jamie Poole

The other day Jeffery posted about artist, Vik Muniz who has been recreating classic works of art from pieces of magazines. UK artist and photographer, Jamie Poole is doing something similar, only he is using pieces of love letters he and his fiancé had written to one another. They are meticulously put together and incredibly detailed, even down to the catchlight in the eyes.  [via Inspiration Hut]

The latest episode of On Taking Pictures mentioned the man who got thrown off of the plane for taking photographs. I hope that isn’t a precedent, because we will miss out on beautiful images such as these by Tim Sessler. [via Gizmodo]

 Yao Lu  Yao Lu

Yao Lu has re-imagined landfills from the Chinese countryside into beautiful digitally manipulated landscapes. If you look closely you can see the green protective netting covering the trash, but these hills and mountains of garbage are now surrounded by waterfalls, animals, and ancient architecture.  [via Beautiful Decay]

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