Palouse - Nate Kay

Five for Friday #4

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. – Edward de Bono

Rodney Smith

Rodney Smith’s portfolio is definitely worth checking out. His work is fascinating.


Next time you are at the movies pay attention to the title sequence. There is a lot of design and creativity that goes into them. [via John Nack]


Twin Light Tubes - Brent Pearson

Even if you don’t shoot landscapes you should look at this great list of 25 Amazing Locations Every Landscape Photographer Should Visit. It will make you want to get your passport out.  [via Photography Blogger, photo via Brent Pearson]


Potomac Chocolate Founder Ben Rasmussen made his passion for chocolate into a business. Check out his homemade factory in the basement of his house.  [via NPR]


Kittipop Laohakul

Kittipop Laohakul has a beautiful portfolio filled with some incredibly vibrant images from Thailand.  [via 500px]

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