Jehad Nga

Five For Friday #32

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” – Vincent van Gogh

Jehad Nga Jehad Nga

I bookmarked Jehad Nga’s site several years ago and then promptly forgot about it. I came across it today by chance and couldn’t stop looking at his wonderful portraits. His work looks like a Caravaggio painting. The lighting is so dramatic and the faces so haunting. 

Mattias Adolfsson Mattias Adolfsson

Have you ever carried around a sketchbook or a moleskine to jot down ideas or notes? If so, they probably don’t look like these (I know mine don’t). Mattias Adolfsson, a freelance illustrator from Sweden, has notebooks that are filled with sketches like these. Incredibly detailed, with every one more enchanting than the next, they look like they could be a part of a children’s fantasy novel.   [via Doodlers Anonymous]

Kyler Zeleny

Kyler Zeleny’s project “Out West” shows the dichotomous relationship between urban and rural life in western Canada. Looking at each one you are unsure as to when they might have been taken. They could be from today or forty years ago.  Zeleny says, “The work focuses on how these locations are still rooted-in, and relate to, a past time and a past identity.”  They seem somewhat sad to me; a telling of a time that people are desperately clinging to, but no matter how hard they try it will be lost to them soon.  [via booooooom]

Matt Molloy Matt Molloy

The skies in these landscapes appear almost painted; you can see what look like brushstrokes in each of the clouds. Matt Molloy says he uses time-lapse along with a “star stacking” script for Photoshop to create this stunning effect. Adding one photo on top of another and blending the layers to the first “normal” shot gives the images this beautiful painterly feel. [via The Photographist]

354 Photographers 354 Photographers

These creepy scenes, although incredibly realistic, are made from cardboard and miniature dollhouse furniture. The macabre images are made even more surreal by the digital addition of real people. Maxime Delvaux and Kevin Laloux from 354 Photographers created the series, “Box” saying, “The idea is to create imaginary scenes with a cinematic aesthetic which, beyond their narrative aspect, unsettle the spectator through the scale and choice of material.” [via Darwin Wiggett]

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