Magdalena Berny

Five For Friday #31

“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.”  – Nietzsche

Magdalena Berny Magdalena Berny

Magdalena Berry‘s photographs remind me of Sally Mann. It’s not just the fact that her subject matter is children, but it’s their direct stares at the camera. They seem to be almost brazen in how they are looking out at us, daring us to not turn away. 

Damon Winter Damon Winter

I think we all breathed a collective sigh of relief when the endless campaigning for the Presidency ended on Tuesday. The barrage of commercials, emails, billboards, and political talk on the news got old quite some time ago. Damon Winter, a staff photographer for the NY Times, covered both the 2008 and 2012 election for the Obama campaign and his images are amazing and worth looking at, no matter your political leanings. [via On Taking Pictures]

Jordan Matter is known for his beautiful photographs of dancers in everyday life and they have now been put together into a wonderful new book called Dancers Among Us. This video takes us behind the scenes of some of his shoots. It is wonderful to watch how these talented artists can move the way they do over and over again for the camera and it looks beautiful every single time. [via My Modern Met]

Lalage Snow

Showing the transformation of British soldiers before, during and after their deployment to Afghanistan, Lalage Snow took this series of images she calls “We are the Not Dead” over the course of several months. These moving photographs show what a powerful affect the trauma of war has. Each set of images is accompanied by quotes from each of the soldiers where they’ve written about their thoughts and feelings at the time each photograph was taken. [via Feature Shoot]

Christophe Huet Christophe Huet

Some of these images by Christopher Huet I find humorous and some are a bit disturbing. Either way, the manipulations he does are just marvelous. [via Inspihive]

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