Five For Friday #124

“One way to open your eyes to unnoticed beauty is to ask yourself, ‘What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?'”  – Rachel Carson

Michael Wolf

When he moved to Paris in 2008, photographer Michael Wolf knew he wanted to capture a different side to the city than we usually see in images. Wolf is known for his unique viewpoint through his lens and these images of Paris rooftops are no exception. Instead of glorious views of the Paris skyline he shows us strong geometric angles and shapes with big blocks of grays, reds, and whites. If you are in San Francisco in the next week you can catch an exhibit of his work at the Robert Koch Gallery. [via Juxatpoz]

Greg Miller

Waiting for the bus can be very isolating and these photographs by Greg Miller make these kids look really vulnerable as well. With the shooting at Sandy Hook fresh on his mind, Miller wanted to create a series that emphasized how alone and isolated the kids are while they stand there. “From kindergarten to 12th grade, no matter how involved you are with your child’s school day, there is a lot you miss,” Miller says. “That spot where the school bus stops at  the end of the driveway is a membrane between two worlds. Children and teenagers stand out there vulnerable brave, trusting that they are safe. Trusting that we cherish life itself.” [via Behold]


Photographer Ninjin uses long shutter speeds and double exposures to create these mysterious and ethereal self-portraits. This series is an ongoing 365 project, which makes it challenging for her to come up with something new and original every day. An even bigger challenge is that she does it without the use of Photoshop. [via Exposure Guide]

Todd Antony

My grandparents lived for a time in Sun City, Arizona, but I don’t remember the Sun City Poms. The Poms are an over-55 cheerleading squad which was started in 1979 to support the Sun City softball team. They now perform at about 50 shows a year all over Arizona. Todd Antony spent some time with the Poms in 2013, taking portraits of them in their sequin-speckled uniforms. “While I was there I couldn’t help but think that with the American obsession for child beauty pageants, you have one age group of society trying to grow up way too fast, while at the other end of the age scale another group strives to hold back the years in some way. And does a pretty damn good job of it really…” [via The Guardian]

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes; just ask magician Doug McKenzie. He spends his days trying to create moments of amazement for people that he meets on the street. Incorporating modern technology like cellphones for his “tricks”, he says, “There is real magic. It lives in the spectator’s head. You can definitely create a real magical moment for somebody.”

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