Justin Carrasquillo - Africa

Five For Friday #11

“Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things” – Ray Bradbury


Neil Krug - Mirrors

Artist and Photographer Neil Krug has produced a ton of great work, from his Pulp Art Books to his somewhat surreal shoots with My Chemical Romance, but it was his Mirrors series that caught our eye this week. For the series, Krug composited monolithic mirrors into a variety of landscapes. The production is fantastic and leaves the viewer with the feeling that these places could actually exist.


Diners & Waitresses

Whether you call it a greasy spoon, a joint, a hole in the wall or just a coffee shop, there’s something remarkable about the uniquely American diner experience. Most of them are mom and pop places, though at least one chain still passes muster (I’m looking at you Waffle House). Fortunately, we have an amazing old diner near us called Red Hill Coffee Shop. It’s been there for years and every time we go in, we are greeted by name and see many of the people who we have come to know simply by eating there. The food is great, which is why you go to these places, but it’s also the service (whether good or bad). Along with be the heaping pile of hash browns, you get a side order of sass from waitresses that have seen it all and heard it all. [via Flavorwire]


Justin Carrasquillo - Africa

Los Angeles-based photographer Justin Carrasquillo was recently hired to photograph a 30 day safari in Botswana and Tanzania. The gorgeous images look more like paintings than editorial photographs and would be right at home in a lush coffee table travel book. [via Feature Shoot]


Waves - Nick Selway - CJ Kale

Yesterday, we posted a story about Mark Tipple, who photographs a world beneath the surface off the coast of Autralia. Photographers Nick Selway and CJ Kale go above the surf in Hawaii to capture gorgeous images of dramatically lit waves. The images are brilliantly shot and the colors are simply gorgeous. [via Design You Trust


I remember seeing Matt Harding’s viral video back in 2005. Basically, the video just shows Matt dancing in countries all over the world. Where the first video was basically just him sort of doing his thing, his latest project, called “Where the Hell is Matt?” feels more like he’s got the whole world choreographed. When I see people from such different countries dancing, like Saudi Arabian men or North Koreans, I guess I just feel better thinking that somehow, on some level, we’re all basically the same. [via PetaPixel]

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