Bryan Adams - Exposed

Exposed: Bryan Adams

“Your work has to stand out before anything else. Regardless of whether I have a name or not, it’s not how the work should be accepted.” -Bryan Adams

When you make a list of amazing photographers, particularly fashion and portrait photographers, chances are, the name Bryan Adams isn’t on the list. But, you know what? He should be. Here’s the short version: In 1998, Adams, was getting set to release a new record called On A Day Like Today. When the wrong photographer showed up to shoot the cover, Adams, who had been dabbling in photography in his off time while touring, made the call to shoot the cover himself. He rented a camera, set up some self-timers and “just went for it”. The resulting image not only made the cover of the record, it also launched Adams on a whole new career path that he explored while also doing his other job of being a rock star. Since then he has shot fashion campaigns for the likes of Vogue, Esquire, Guess and others and has also made portraits of some of the most recognizable faces in film, fashion and music. He has just announced the upcoming publication of his first book, called, appropriately, Exposed. It is a retrospective of his portrait photography which contains images of people like Amy Winehouse, Sir Ben Kingsley, Supermodels Cindy Crawford and Elle MacPherson, Michael J. Fox and Helena Bonham-Carter, just to name a few. If you’d like to read more about Bryan Adams and his career as a photographer, be sure to check out our Spotlight.

Bryan Adams - Exposed Bryan Adams - Exposed Bryan Adams - Exposed Bryan Adams - Exposed Bryan Adams - Exposed Bryan Adams - Exposed Bryan Adams - Exposed Bryan Adams - Exposed

[via Global News Canada]


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