The Visual Toolbox

The Visual Toolbox: David duChemin

One of the more difficult things about learning photography, particularly as a beginner, is simply learning what to learn. What are the things you need to know to make a noticeable difference in the quality of your photographs? There’s no shortage of resources, both online and off. On the video-based training end, our absolute favorite, […]

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Essential Development: Lightroom 5

Last year, Sean McCormack released Essential Development, en eBook package featuring 20 great techniques for Lightroom 4, as well as a collection of 85 Develop Presets. Today, he’s back with a brand new edition of the book, called Essential Development for Lightroom 5, which has been updated to take advantage of the new tools in Lightroom 5, including […]

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Slow: Andrew S Gibson

“Part of the appeal of long-exposure photography for me is the slow and deliberate nature of the image-creation process.” – Andrew Gibson Sure, you’ve got your whizz-bang umpteen megapixel DSLR that’s capable of capturing 10 crystal clear frames per second at a staggering shutter speed of 1/8000. But, what happens if you slow it down, […]

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