Dodge & Burn – Piet Van den Eynde

The technique of dodging and burning has long been a staple of the photographer’s toolbox. Though simple to learn, the process is all about subtlety and nuance. Once mastered, dodging and burning allows the photographer to gently lead the viewer’s eye across the photograph to the intended areas of interest. Piet Van den Eynde, photographer and author of the superb Making Light is back with a brand new eBook package that will teach you to more effectively use dodging and burning in your own photographs. The package is appropriately titled Dodge & Burn: Leading the Eye with Lightroom and Photoshop. At the core of the package is the eBook itself, which covers not only the theory and the practice of dodging and burning, but also variety of techniques (both global and local) using Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom and Photoshop.

The Full Package bundles Piet’s custom EasyDodge Photoshop Panel (normally a USD $10 purchase on its own) and a matching user guide. The Panel is an extension for Photoshop (CS5 and CS6) that provides quick shortcuts to several different methods of dodging & burning your image, most of which are non-destructive. This means that, unlike using the standard Photoshop dodge and burn tools, you may go back and make additional adjustments or refine the effect without damaging your image. On top of that, 10 exercise files are included to go along with the tutorials in the eBook so you can practice or go through the included history at your own pace.


Craft & Vision - Dodge and Burn

Craft & Vision - Dodge and Burn

Craft & Vision - Easydodge


The Deal (Full Package)
The retail price on this incredible package is USD $10, but for the next six days, use the promotional code DODGE8 when you check out so you can have the PDF version of Dodge & Burn (Full Package) for just $8 OR use the code DODGE20 to get 20% off when you buy 5+ PDF eBooks from the Craft & Vision collection. These codes expire at 11:59pm PST July 22, 2012.


The Lite PDF Package
If you want to save yourself a few dollars then consider downloading Dodge & Burn “Lite” for just USD $5 – the biggest difference being that exercise files are not included. What you do get in this offer is the eBook, a lighter version of the EasyDodge Panel (still an amazing tool), and a matching user guide. Note: There is no discount associated with this bundle.