Digging In

One of my least favorite parts of developing new projects is that lull that inevitably occurs between the initial brainstorming-slash-white boarding of ideas and making any measurable progress towards their realization. During this time you’re typically making sketches, laying scenes out on index cards, pouring foundations, writing base code, etc., and it’s frustrating because this part of the project is crucial to everything that follows. It can also be the hardest to get through. It’s what I call the Resolve Phase – where hours of work can easily become weeks or even months with very little to show for it. This is where the Muse tests you – she wants, or rather needs, to see just how bad you want it – and this is exactly where I am with Process Driven. It’s become more than a podcast and I’ve spent the last several months moving from late-night monologues and scribbling in notebooks to laying the groundwork for what comes next, and hoping to God I don’t fuck it up in the process. I think  I’ve learned a few things from Faded + Blurred and can apply at least some of it to the next leg of the journey, but I just don’t know. Between what Steven Pressfield calls Resistance, the prattling of the Muse and mainlining my own self-doubt, sometimes it’s a wonder I can come up with a coherent thought. That said, this is sort of where I need to live for now. It’s that space between comfort and danger and it’s where the real juice is. So, I’m digging in. Stay tuned.

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