Ed McCulloch

Culled From Memory: Ed McCulloch

Atmospheric is one of the first words that comes to mind when I look at the work of photographer Ed McCulloch. I don’t really even know how to qualify what I mean by that, other than to say there’s a sense of place to his work; a familiarity I feel when I look at it, whether that’s culled together from bits and pieces of my own memories, or from a larger, collective memory I’ve assembled out of the stories and experiences of others. There’s a fantastic “everyman” quality to his work, which is one of the reasons I think it translates so well to advertising and has allowed McCulloch to create a body of not only wonderful stills work, but also emotive television spots for clients like Fiat, Saucony and Panasonic.

Ed Mc CullochEd Mc CullochEd Mc CullochEd Mc CullochEd Mc Culloch

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