Cindy Sherman And The Drag Queens

To celebrate the Cindy Sherman retrospective, recently exhibited at the San Francisco MoMA, the SF Guardian commissioned photographers Keeney + Law to make a series of four portraits of drag artists mimicking the style in Sherman’s photographs. Though the exhibit closed yesterday, we really wanted to share this wonderful homage to Sherman’s work. Known for her distinct conceptual portraits, usually of herself dressed in a multitude of costumes and wigs, Cindy Sherman’s photographs are among some of the most expensive images ever sold and are displayed in galleries and museums all over the world. Having a distinct feminist tone, much of her work raises questions about the roles of women in society, which makes this project even more interesting and multi-layered. According to the Guardian, “It’s all about looking twice — or in Sherman’s case, four or five times — and we wanted to see how many layers of gaze her work could hold.”

Cindy Sherman - FauxniqueCindy Sherman - Lady BearCindy Sherman - Hot Mess
[via Huffington Post]

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