Behind The Scenes With Karl Taylor

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Karl Taylor. As a photographer, his impeccable photographic style has earned him both an impressive body of work as well as the respect of his peers. As an instructor, Karl’s wealth of photographic knowledge and unabashed enthusiasm have inspired legions of fans and has yielded a set of the best photography training DVDs we’ve seen. When we first reviewed Karl’s DVDs last summer, we didn’t quite know what to expect. Since then, his training DVDs have become the unofficial benchmark that we have come to measure everything against. They’re that good.

Karl has come to the US to film sequences for his next set of training DVDs and we’ve been fortunate enough to spend some time with him, along with his partners/production team John, Tim and Fabienne. Watching some of these sequences come together was an absolute blast. Karl is covering some great topics in the next set including: product photography, timelapse, video and an entire DVD on how to get fantastic results out of using compact point-and-shoot cameras. Between shooting sequences, we joined them for dinner at the hotel. One of the things that was great about spending time with them is how they all get on with each other. They aren’t just business partners, they are friends and have been for years. They are all passionate about what they do and all contribute to producing the best quality product they can. Because they are friends, there’s also a fair bit of ribbing and joking around, which really shows how close they all are. It may be Karl’s name on the box or the site, but this is every bit a collaboration, which is really inspiring to see.

The new set of training DVDs should be available in August of this year. We’ll definitely have more on Faded & Blurred as it gets closer, including a brand new episode of Q&A@F&B with Karl.


Behind The Scenes With Karl Taylor Behind The Scenes With Karl Taylor

Behind The Scenes With Karl Taylor Behind The Scenes With Karl Taylor



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