Brilliant Currency Collages By Mark Wagner

“The dollar bill is ostensibly the most successful publication ever printed.” – Mark Wagner

The moment I saw this post on Elusive Muse – especially the video – I knew I would love the work and want to share it. Mark Wagner is a collage artist who uses currency as his media of choice and his work is just brilliant. I’ve used currency in some of my own paintings, but nothing as intricate as the way Mark uses it. He painstakingly dissects dollar bills into their component parts – building blocks, if you will – only to then reassemble them into portraits, typography and conceptual and editorial work. Money is more than material for Wagner – it’s also the subject matter, the voice and the purpose behind his work. “I tend to stick to subject matters that are close to the currency,” he says. “Either issues having to deal with wealth or of the division of wealth, issues of American identity.” If the work fascinates you as much as it does me, be sure to watch the terrific behind the scenes video of Mark at work.

If you would like to see more work by Mark Wagner, visit his website. In addition to image galleries, Mark has a number of prints for sale – both signed and unsigned – which are actually very reasonable priced. All images © Mark Wagner

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