Vivian Maier - Undated, New York, NY

A Brand New Home: Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier, the enigmatic street photographer whose photographs many believe rival the likes of Andre Kertesz and Henri Cartier-Bresson has been given a brand new website and it’s fantastic. We’ve written about her before, specifically in one of our exclusive Spotlights, but at the time the official website was fairly sparse when it came to imagery. The new site is gorgeous and features several galleries of her wonderful black & white work as well as newly released color photographs, including a gallery of brilliant self-portraits. Also on the new site is a completely revised About section, that attempts to piece together the mystery of Vivian Maier, the woman. The new site offers a fascinating overview of her work and life and acts as a fitting introduction to, or an extension of, the upcoming documentary Finding Vivian Maier. If you have even a passing interest in street photography, we cannot recommend the work of Vivian Maier enough. If you enjoy her work, be sure to check out the books Out of the Shadows and Vivian Maier: Street Photographer.

vivian-maier-website1955, New York, NYVM1956K05925-04-MC1954, New York, NYVM1958Z06868-12-MCApril 19, 1971. Chicago, IL

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Vivian Maier: Out of the Shadows
Vivian Maier: Street Photographer

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