Bodyscapes: Allan Teger

During his years as a social psychologist, Allan Teger became fascinated with multiple realities, the idea that there can be planes of existence that are both equally valid, even though each one is different. He also began to see patterns in the universe; shapes and structures that repeat themselves at every level. He wanted to use art to express these concepts he was thinking about. In 1975 he came up with the idea for Bodyscapes®. “I remember the moment that the idea for Bodyscapes® came to me.” Teger says, “I was thinking that the shape and structure of the universe repeated itself at every level and suddenly I had the image in my mind of a skier going down a breast. This was it – the universe repeating its shapes – a body looking like a mountain. It was also an example of two realities coexisting. The picture could be seen as a landscape and it could also be seen as a body. Although they were different, both perceptions were right at the same time. I knew instantly that I had an entire series of images waiting to be captured on film.” Despite having never taken an art or photography class, Teger did not let his lack of “artistic experience” stop him. Within two weeks he had his first model and began shooting and has been shooting ever since. The series is a wonderful example of fine art photography. Teger is an expert at getting the light and shadows to work together beautifully. The lines and composition just flow. The images are sensual and, yet, we aren’t sure quite why. There is a dichotomy within these images; however, though they are fine art, they are not meant to be taken too seriously. They are meant to be fun and playful, to put a smile on our faces, and I think they do just that.


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[via Flavorwire]