Between The Extremes: David Ellingsen

Photographer David Ellingsen seems to be able to shoot just about anything. I don’t think I have ever come across such an eclectic photographer. Known for his commercial work as well as his fine art, it is the fine art that stands out to me. There are so many different amazing images. The series he calls Weather Patterns  are simply images of blocks of color. Different tones of the sea melding into the sky. The images from Salish Sea are ethereal; soft and dreamy, almost from another world, particularly the shot of the ship isolated on the plane of the sea… it’s hard to know if it’s even real. He seems to experiment and take chances with his photography. He has not gotten stuck shooting one thing, but has challenged and pushed himself to find new ways to explore the medium. His work is simple and yet I find myself spellbound with each image. “I have always felt a conflict between my rural upbringing and my adult urban life,” Ellinsen says, “and it is from this tension that I find the inspiration for my photographs. The values and lifestyle of the family farm where I grew up on Cortes Island formed in me a strong relationship with the environment and the cycles of the natural order. As I entered adulthood I left the island and readily embraced life in the city and the modern urban experience, and still do to a great extent, but that kinship with nature began to quietly seep away. This unwelcome disassociation inspires in me a navigation back to a harmonious place between the extremes and the compelling urge to create work about this journey.” 


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