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They say you never forget your first love – and while I think that’s true for people, I think it’s also true for art, music and photography. I was introduced to the work of Richard Avedon in my high school photography class along with photographers like Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Irving Penn. But it was Avedon’s work that stuck with me, particularly his early fashion work. There’s a playful energy and a subtle sophistication to it that I just haven’t seen equaled by anyone else. Here was a photographer whose work was, more than anyone I had seen at the time, about connecting to his subjects. Whether you agree with his methods or not (I’m referring to the photo shoot with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor at the Waldorf Astoria in 1957 – google it) he produced incredibly real and deeply honest work that affects me on the 100th viewing as much as it did on the first.

Earlier this week, the Richard Avedon Foundation released their first app, called simply Avedon, which features more than 1,000 images (with more to come) from throughout Avedon’s career and from a variety of disciplines including portraits, fashion and reportage as well as work from exhibitions as far back as 1962. I’ve spent some time with the app and can tell you it is fantastic and contains not only images that are difficult to find in any reasonable quality on the Web, but many I’ve never seen before. The presentation and navigation is as minimal and intuitive as you would expect and allows users to compare images, pinch to zoom, and even save a custom gallery of favorites. Oh, and it’s completely free. If you have an iPad or an iPad mini, head over to the App Store and pick this up immediately.

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