Patrick Shipstad

The Things We Do For Love—Why Self-Investing Isn’t Self-Indulgence

“It’s about investing the time to explore and refine your art and finding your creative voice.” – Patrick Shipstad When a child shows an interest in something like sports, the arts, activities, etc., a parent (usually) wants to nurture those interests to see if they develop into something their child will excel in, or at least […]

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Patrick Shipstad - Sam Aotaki

Winter Chill: A Haute & Cool Lensbaby Tutorial

I’m proud to say this is actually my fifth lighting tutorial for Faded + Blurred. As I started writing it, I realized the last two tutorials, The Perfection of Imperfection and Lensbaby, I love Your Way, also happened to be based around using the Lensbaby selective focus lenses. I recently acquired the Composer Pro with […]

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Lensababy - Patrick Shipstad

Lensbaby, I Love Your Way

I got a chance to test out my new Lensbaby Composer lens and I gotta say it was a lot of fun! It had to be the right project for the effect I knew I’d get from it. So before I started twisting the lens up and getting crazy tunnel vision effects, I thought I’d start […]

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