Jeffery Saddoris

The Wild West In Miniature: David Levinthal

My father and I didn’t see eye to eye on much, but one of the things that we did share a passion for was the Western. I can’t tell you how many times we watched films like Shane, The Magnificent Seven or any of Clint Eastwood’s iconic Sergio Leone-directed spaghetti westerns. I could never work on cars […]

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Tone: A Mesmerizing Short About Paint

I already think that painting looks pretty cool at arm’s distance, but I had no idea how much cooler it could look up close – and I mean up really close. In Tone, filmmaker Trent Jaklitsch gives viewers a macro look at the creative process of painter Alyssa Monks. With a terrific downtempo soundtrack by Other People, the film is […]

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Incredibly Intricate Paper “Stained Glass Windows” By Eric Standley

“The reverence for these structures seemed to have to do with the infinite.” – Eric Standley Inspired by Islamic and Gothic architecture and ornamentation, Virginia-based artist Eric Standley uses a laser to cut wonderfully intricate and complex patterns into paper, which he then stacks into stunning volumetric assemblages that resemble stained glass windows. Each piece […]

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Film Styles For Capture One [Review]

With the announcement that Apple is killing off Aperture, it looks like Adobe Lightroom is poised to be the de facto app for processing RAW files. After all, it plays (somewhat) nicely with Photoshop, has a bunch of great non-destructive tools and terrific presets like VSCO and Replichrome let you style your photos with a single […]

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“Another Day In Paradise” And Other Work By Mike Mellia

Stories around fathers and sons are something I am more or less intrinsically drawn to. From about high school on, my relationship with my own father was tumultuous at best – it seems that we never saw eye to eye about anything. There was even a period of about two years where we didn’t say […]

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Moving The Chains

Earlier this week, I was looking through iTunes for new podcasts to listen to (because what I really need is another podcast to listen to) and I happened upon something that frankly made my day. There, in the New & Noteworthy section of Visual Arts, was the cover art for my new show, Process Driven. […]

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A Life In Pictures: Douglas Kirkland [Review]

“I always considered, with every shoot, I was on trial; every time I pick up my camera and start out on the relationship, I am at degree zero. There is no coasting.” -Douglas Kirkland Over the next 60 seconds, more than 30,000 photos will be uploaded to Instagram – that’s roughly 500 images every second […]

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© Patrick Murphy

Out Of Nothingness: Patrick Murphy [Q&A]

When Seattle-based landscape photographer Patrick Murphy reached out to ask if we would be interested in sharing a recent project of his called North, it was his words, not his photographs, that first piqued my interest. Patrick wrote with passion and eloquence about what these places mean to him in a way that helped me to connect […]

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