Update on Mercy House

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Here’s a quick update to our Mercy House photo event on February 27th. I am VERY excited about this. We have a dozen volunteers from Faded & Blurred, plus a few makeup artists that are going to help us out. The part I am most excited about, though, is that we have a sponsor willing to provide prints. Several months ago I was followed on Twitter by Melanie at West Coast Imaging.

We tweeted back and forth a few times so I decided to ask her about the possibilities of getting West Coast Imaging to provide some prints for this event. She was so kind and said she would check with her boss. Within a week she said the owner, Rich Seiling, arranged for their sister company, Aspen Creek Photo, to donate 100 5×7 prints and print 8×10 prints for us at a special price of only 88¢ each. So cool!


As a side note, for those of you who have asked or just wondered what good Twitter is, this is what it does. It is technology that connects people and causes and businesses; it is part of the new community, and we all need a community.


Thanks so much to Melanie, Rich Seiling, and Aspen Creek Photo for all of their help!

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