Turn of the Century Christmas

Turn of the Century Christmas

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I love turn of the century photographs, especially photographs that were not posed, photographs that show us what life was actually like over a hundred years ago. I love to look at each face and wonder what their life was like, did they have kids, how long they lived, were they happy or sad? I found some wonderful images on Design You Trust of Christmas in New York and decided to do a search of my own on one of my favorite sites, the Library of Congress page on Flickr. There are so many stories there that are begging to be told; I think I could spend all day just looking and wondering.

What’s your favorite holiday memory or tradition? Let us know in the comments.


Turn of the Century Christmas
Can you believe the size of these trees? I had trouble getting a six footer home!


Turn of the Century Christmas
Window displays have changed quite a bit in the last hundred years.


Turn of the Century Christmas
This one looks like it’s straight out of Santa’s workshop.


Turn of the Century Christmas
I love this Santa Claus.
[via Flickr Library of Congress]

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  • Evan Agresti July 2, 2012   Reply →

    Hi I have an even better candid photo of christmas in 1908 that I could send to you. It is not posed for at all. It’s of my great grandfather crying as a young child in front of his opened presents. I could email it to you if you contact me on my facebook.

  • Jeffery December 20, 2011   Reply →

    My Mom used to love Christmas and every year, there were so many decorations that the house looked like a Hallmark Store. She would also spend hours wrapping gifts, decorating each one with little toys, glitter and bows that she made by hand…only to be ripped open by me in a matter of seconds.

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