Navesh Chitrakar - A boy plays with his ball outside the security line of the crash site of Dornier aircraft a day after the incident in Kathmandu, Nepal. The small plane owned by private firm Sita Air crashed shortly after takeoff from the Nepal's capital, Kathmandu on Friday, killing 19 people, including seven British and five Chinese passengers.

The World In A Single Image

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I have an immense level of respect for photojournalists, particularly those who put themselves in harm’s way to get That One Shot. With the demand for immediate coverage of events on the world stage constantly on the rise, an increasing number of these artists and technicians put themselves at risk, sometimes even giving their lives, to bring us the incredible images that fill countless newspapers, magazines, blogs and apps. While occasionally their photographs are hopeful and capture us at our best, far too often they find us at our worst, mired in conflict and violence. Photojournalism, perhaps more than any other genre of photography, is a testament to the power of a single image, even without caption or back story. 

Umit Bektas - A young Syrian refugee looks out from a bus as he arrives at a stopover facility for breaking fast near the Turkish border town of Reyhanli. Andrew Biraj - A young Bangladeshi Buddhist monk stands in front of a burnt Buddha picture after Muslims attacked and set fire to the temple in Cox's Bazar October 3, 2012. Rauf Maltas - Smoke rises over the streets after a mortar, fired from Syria, landed in the Turkish border village of Akcakale. Three people including a child were killed and nine others were seriously wounded. Raj Patidar - Police wield their batons against a worker from India's Congress Party during a protest in the central Indian city of Bhopal. Suhaib Salem - An Islamic Jihad militant stands guard during a rally marking the 25th anniversary of the movement's foundation in Gaza City. Jorge Silva - Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez throws his microphone after speaking during his closing campaign rally in Caracas.Andrew Biraj - A child jumps on the waste products that are used to make poultry feed as she plays in a tannery at Hazaribagh in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Stringer - Police cars burn after being set ablaze by protesters demonstrating against the reopening of a rubbish dump in the town of Guellala on the island of Djerba, off the coast of Tunisia.
[via American Photo]

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