Father and Son, Newport Oregon by Mat Bobby

See.Shoot.Share. No. 6

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Sorry for the delay in getting the results of See.Shoot.Share. posted. We’re making some changes to the site content and getting ready to launch (or relaunch) some features as we begin year three of Faded & Blurred. In fact, See.Shoot.Share is one of the things that will be changing as we move forward. We’re making some tweaks to the format to allow more people to share more of their photos and top share more of the stories that we have enjoyed for the past six months. Look for the new version sometime in October.

For the August assignment, we asked you to show us how you spent your summer vacation. Much of the country was experiencing record heat, so water was a common theme for many of the submitted photos. One photo in particular captured the heat, and the brief respite that living near the beach can bring. Almost reminds me of the work of a certain gentleman from Mississippi.


Father and Son, Newport Oregon by Mat Bobby


Mat Bobby – Wading

This father and son was enjoying a foggy day at beach in Newport Oregon. The air temperature was in the 60s and the water was a chilly 52°.


Here are a few of the other photos from the August assignment:

See.Shoot.Share. See.Shoot.Share. See.Shoot.Share.


We would like to thank all of you you have participated in See.Shoot.Share so far. We think you’re going to like what’s coming next.


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