RadLab Recipe Pack No. 5

Reading Time: 1 minutes

The only thing we love more than editing our photos with RadLab is editing our photos with RadLab while also watching Game of Thrones. So, for our fifth free RadLab Recipe Pack, we’ve let our current television obsession inspire the names for the new recipes. As with our other sets, feel free to use these as-is, or as a jumping off point for your own customizations. Let us know what you think by posting feeback on our Facebook wall. We would love to see how you use these on your own photos.

radlab-recipepack-v5-preview (image courtesy of Nicole Rae) 


1. Launch RadLab from Filter->Totally Rad->RadLab (or use the cool floating launch panel)

2. Click the Recipes Tab

3. Click the Import Button

4. Select the Recipe(s) you would like to import and click Open

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