Portraits of Earth: David duChemin

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When you think of David duChemin, you may be tempted to label him as a portrait photographer, rather than a landscape photographer. And you would be absolutely right. However, for us, David’s strength has always been his ability to capture the soul or essence of whatever he happens to be photographing, whether it be the quiet grace of holy men in India or the haunting, yet captivating, solitude of Iceland. In his new eBook, Portraits of Earth, David shares what he’s learned about landscape photography on his ongoing photographic journey that has taken him across seven continents. The eBook is packed with tips, techniques and insights that will show you how to make better, more engaging photographs. There are sections on Gear, Composition, Light, Land, Water, Snow, as well as Detail Shots, and all of the photographs contain EXIF data so that you can see how David approached each situation. If you have ever read any of David’s print books, or his other eBooks, you know that he’s not only an expert at his craft, but also an amazing teacher in sharing how he got there.  If you are looking to up your game as a landscape photographer, Portraits of Earth is the best US$5 you will spend.


Portraits of Earth - David duChemin

The Deal

The retail price on Portraits of Earth is just USD $5, but for the next five days, use the promotional code EARTH4 when you check out so you can have this PDF eBook for just $4. Or use the code EARTH20 to get 20% off when you buy 5+ PDF eBooks from the Craft & Vision collection. These codes expire at 11:59pm PST September 9, 2012.


Portraits of Earth - David duChemin

Portraits of Earth - David duChemin

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