Polaroids: Bastian Kalous

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For many newer photographers, the word Polaroid is synonymous with Instagram or any number of hipster filters or effects on your iPhone designed to create all manner of generic old-timey looks. What many fail to realize is that Edwin Land never intended his legacy to be out of focus, poorly colored images with sloppy borders; these things were just some of the limitations of the tools and the tech he had at his disposal. Despite the technical and aesthetic limitations, there is still something wonderful about Polaroid photographs. Photographer Bastian Kalous has a fantastic portfolio of Polaroids he has taken all over the world. These aren’t family snapshots or photos from some retro party in the city; instead Kalous photographs sweeping vistas, hauntingly austere forests and wonderful portraits (of sorts). And while his photographs all “suffer” from the aforementioned limitations of the medium, for Kalous, the affectations work without being kitschy. They add a requisite, yet undefinable, something to his images that, frankly, would likely suffer without them.

Bastian Kalous - PolaroidsBastian Kalous - PolaroidsBastian Kalous - PolaroidsBastian Kalous - Polaroids
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