Paradigm - Jaime Ibarra

Paradigm Shift – Jaime Ibarra

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  • Trude

    I’d say being able to formulate such a signature look and getting what you want from your models means he’s a pretty darn good photog too – because he makes it look so easy! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jim

    Interesting, but I don’t consider this genius photography. Genius post processing yes, but this has zero to do with the true soul of image taking.

    • F&B

      I disagree. Post-processing can have a great deal to do with the soul of an image, providing that it serves the image. Even Ansel Adams would spend hours in the darkroom “post-processing” his images. Can post be overdone? Absolutely. But it can also help the photographer enhance the photograph, bringing it closer to what they “saw”. Claiming that it has zero to do with the soul of the image is a bit dismissive.

    • Anthony Golston

      I agree. The post work is just the seasoning on the entre. Jaime knows how to compose and capture the meat and potatoes. His eye is connected with his instinct and he captures the otherwise overlooked moments before and after the “pose”. It is clear that he “know” his models before shooting them, evoking something from them they may not otherwise volunteer.

  • Carlos

    Ole! Jaime!
    Tan espectacular la imagen y el video, la guitarra.
    Anda dime que la tocas tu, entonces ya sería la leche! :)

    En dA eres uno de los jefazos!

    Un abrazo desde España!

  • Katherine

    Video was spectacular! I stumbled upon Jaime Ibarra on DeviantArt and am always happy to see new pieces by him. :]

  • csfris

    I loved the video. I look forward to seeing your newest work over on dA :)