On Taking Pictures

On Taking Pictures #021 – “Vanity Fairy”

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  • Jeffery Saddoris

    First off, thanks for listening to the show and taking the time to comment. While I appreciate your observations, I really don’t see the show as anti-Sony, or, for that matter, anti-anything. Speaking for myself, I think Sony makes some amazing kit, and, in fact, think the new a99 trumps the latest offerings from either Nikon or Canon. As for the RX1, while it may not be a “rich man’s camera”, at $2800 for a fixed-lens compact camera (regardless of the sensor size), it is also not in the realm of “most street photogs”, who, lets face it, generally aren’t earning a living as street photographers. Now, with regard to Leica, to my knowledge, Bill has never said that Leica’s take better pictures than any other camera. If anything, both of us have gone to the other side to make the point that it is in fact the photographer, not the camera, that makes the difference. What he has said, is that the EXPERIENCE of using a Leica is what makes it special, along with the history of those who have made photographs using them. And the experience of making pictures is very much what OTP is about. Thanks again for the comment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sketchyT Terry Schmidbauer

    I don’t agree with Wadman’s opinon on the RX1. It’s not a rich man’s camera and will be the street photogs tool of choice until Fuji comes out with their version. Leica is the rich mans camera and most street photogs can’t afford it. The RX1 will give them a tool that won’t cost them as much as a Leica but will take better photos.
    I’m getting pretty tired of the anti-Sony attitude on your show. Wadman seems to disrespect Sony every chance he gets. You know, there are other camera manufactures out there besides Canon, Nikon and Leica. People make some pretty great photos with the other brands too. Practice what you preach and talk about making pictures and not about the chubby you get from your Leica!