Mosaic: Awesome Photobooks From Your iPhone

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There is something about looking at a printed photograph that just feels right. It’s almost as if it’s not really a photograph until you can hold it in your hands. Bill and I have discussed printing on several episodes of On Taking Pictures, with both of us pretty much coming down on the same side. For many people, printing is either a pain, in terms of paper selection (we love paper from Red River, by the way), calibration, profiling, etc., or they simply don’t have a printer. This is even more often the case for the casual photographer who may only shoot with an iPhone. Fortunately, Mosaic is about to make it easier than ever to turn your iPhone photos into gorgeous custom photobooks. Using the Mosaic iPhone app, you assemble your book of up to 20 photos, choose either a black or white background, then place your order. For just $20 (plus tax and shipping) and less than a week later, your lovingly prepared, 7-by-7 inch book arrives on your door. It looks like they are really nailing the style and attention to detail, from the packaging to the “13 precisely machined windows” on the cover that showcase your photos inside. The final products look amazing and we can’t wait to order one (okay, many) when Mosaic launches which, according to their blog, is “very, very close” to happening. 

Mosaic PhotobookMosaic Photobook[via Mosaic]

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