iPad and Mac Mini: A Dynamic Duo?

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Dynamic DuoApple sold more than a million iPads in the first 28 days after launch. It’s affecting both laptop and desktop sales, and an estimated 30% of people who were considering netbooks have instead opted for the new Apple tablet**. So, is the iPad the new go to device? Throw in a Mac Mini and just maybe…


“A strange realization dawned on me today: I have already made mental plans to eventually replace two Mac devices I already own with two totally different devices that I don’t yet own. Namely, I am planning to replace my MacBook Pro with an iPad and my iMac with a Mac mini.”


The Unofficial Apple Weblog posted an interesting article on how one user (and quite a few more in the comments) is considering moving to an iPad as his sole mobile solution and adding in a Mac Mini as his home computer. Bold move? Maybe not. The new version of the Mini features five USB ports and a more-than-capable 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo processor. It is even available as a dual-drive version with Snow Leopard Server. Sounds good to me…although the new 27″ i7 iMac is very sweet.


From TUAW:

My current 24″ iMac is in good health, and I hope that we have many more years together. However, if it died one day after AppleCare expired, I would not hesitate at all to replace it with a Mac Mini. While I absolutely love my iMac’s monitor, just about everything else about it is a source of frustration. I have a standing desk and really wish that my iMac monitor was adjustable. It isn’t. My Dell monitor can rotate 90º which is a trick my iMac will never learn. My Dell monitor can also do picture-in-picture from my TiVo, and it even has an on-off switch. Why is that important? My iMac used to be in my bedroom and I would wake up and find that the monitor had turned on. The other day I came into my office and found that the screensaver hadn’t kicked in, leaving me with a faint “burn-in” image. Fortunately leaving the iMac off overnight removed the burn-in, but it never would have happened if I could have turned it off at night.

For my computing needs, the mini will be plenty powerful enough, and in fact, I would probably look at the server model that comes with two internal hard drives. Frankly, I love the idea of being able to use SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner to backup one internal drive to another. One drive dies? Reboot with the Alt key held down and boot off of the other drive. (I wonder how hard it would be to setup Windows or Linux on the other drive?) I don’t use my DVD drive all that often, but if I needed one I have an old external one. If you want a more “Apple-like” solution, you can use the SuperDrive for the MacBook Air with the Mac mini server.


Read the full article at TUAW. Could this solution work for you? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


**Data provided by Retrevo

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