India’s Holi Festival At 2500 Frames Per Second

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Last month, Chase Jarvis did a fashion shoot with the amazing Phantom Flex camera system. For those of you who have never heard of the Phantom, basically it’s high definition digital camera that’s capable of shooting 1080p at an astonishing 2570 frames per second. Now before you get out your credit card, you should know that a Phantom is going to set you back about US$150,000. Yeah. So, Chase posts this fashion shoot, which I suppose was interesting, though not really compelling. It was really more of a tech demo for the camera, rather than something that really made me go wow. Recently, a team from Variable, a production company based in NYC travelled to India for the Holi Festival. They brought a Phantom along for the ride to capture it all and the results are simply spectacular. The color and clarity are superb, but it’s the motion of it all that had my jaw on the floor. The way the colored powder moves and spreads through the air is like watching ballet. Gorgeous.

Holi Festival

Holi Festival

Holi Festival

Holi Festival

 [via PetaPixel]


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  • Julian Winslow April 22, 2012   Reply →

    Beautiful. I love the manipulation of time, I’ve been shooting a lot of time lapse and have on many occasions wanted to slow it down rather than speed it up but it has obvious financial hurdles. For me it’s similar to looking through a telescope or microscope, it gives another perspective on the world around us and rekindles the sense of wonder

  • Trude Ellingsen April 18, 2012   Reply →

    Oh wow that’s just stunning. Love how they managed to turn it into a ballet.

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