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So, what do you do if you are the former CTO of Apple’s Application Division and you have a passion for photography as well as technology? Well, if you are Jean-Marie Hullot, you become one of the founders of a worldwide, collaborative photo encyclopedia called fotopedia. More than just a photo sharing service like flickr, fotopedia “lets photographers and photo enthusiasts collaborate and enrich images to be useful for the whole world wide web”. Fotopedia lets anyone, amateur or pro, create pages about topics that they are passionate about and populate those pages with photographs, Wikipedia articles and even Google Maps. It’s a wonderfully creative project and a fantastic use of technology and creativity.


Fotopedia Fotopedia


In addition to the website, which is free, Fotopedia develops photography-based apps for the iPhone and iPad. Currently, they have four apps available: Heritage, The National Parks, Memory of Colors and Paris. Each of the apps features literally thousands of fantastic photos to captivate and inspire you, while at the same time they allow to virtually travel the globe to see places and learn about cultures you may otherwise never have access to. I don’t know how many hours I’ve already spent on the website or in the apps, but I can tell you that my productivity has definitely taken a hit. If you are a fan of photography, travel or simply learning about the amazing world around you, head over to the App Store and grab them all. Highly recommended.


fotopedia - Paris


Cost: FREE


The newest of the fotopedia collaborative apps, Paris, features more than 4,000 photos of the City of Lights. I’ve never been to Paris, yet with this app I can get a feel of the city and even assemble my own “shot lists” of places that I would like to explore should I ever actually go. The intuitive interface lets you view a map of the city  that will show you exactly the things you want to see. Browse by landmarks, museums, galleries and more. You can then create your own “walking tour” of the city and view a slideshow of photos from your selected destinations.


•More than 4,000 spectacular photos
•Virtual Trips to the most popular places as well as the unexpected 
•Trip Builder to create your own, easy-to-build personalized tours
•Complete Navigation with smart tags, search and interactive maps
•Shuffle or shake your device to discover new spots and images
•Rich Text Descriptions
•Social Media and share your favorites via email, Facebook and Twitter
•Instant Slideshows and Wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch


Paris - Map Paris - Arc

Paris - Petit Paris - Eiffel



fotopedia - Memory of Colors

Memory of Colors

Cost: FREE


Memory of Colors is different than Paris and Heritage, in that it was shot by a single photographer. Jaime Ocampo-Rangel spent 12 years traveling to more than 18 countries on four continents to document more than 40 unique cultures. The result is a project of more than 1,300 photographs that celebrates the color and diversity of these various cultures, many of whom are being threatened by globalization. The portraits are simply stunning and look absolutely gorgeous on the iPad.


• More than 1,300 spectacular high-resolution portraits
• Wallpapers – all photos are in portrait mode, perfect for the iPhone.
• Instant Slideshows – transform your iPad or iPhone into an endless, beautiful photo frame. 
• Easy Navigation – with Smart Tags, Suggestions, Search and Interactive Maps.
• Rich Descriptions – learn more by clicking to text descriptions.
• Shuffle – shake your device to discover new images at random.


Color - Title Color - Mursi

Color - Black Color - Red

Color - Purple Color - Grey


Project Trailer




fotopedia - National Parks

National Parks

Cost: $2.99

More than a decade in the making, photographer Quang-Tuan Luong became the first person to have photographed each one of the 58 National Parks in the USA with a large format camera. The result is the most complete and most stunning photographic look at the US National Parks ever created. The app lets you use your iPhone or iPad to explore all 58 parks by park, landmark or item of interest. Additionally, the app keeps track of the parks you have visited and allows you to save wallpapers, create slideshows and more.


• Instant Slideshow
• Search & Navigation – Smart Tags, Smart Previews, Search boxes and Interactive Maps.
• Wallpaper – Choose from thousands of high-resolution photos.
• Social Media – Share your favorite images via email, Facebook and Twitter. 
• Point-of-Interest Descriptions – Learn more by clicking to text descriptions.
• Travel Planning – Keep track of destinations in Favorites.
• Shuffle – Shake the device to travel the U.S. National Parks at random. 
• Smart Suggestions – Discover unexpected amazing vistas and keep track of your progress with the Site Counter.



Project Trailer




fotopedia - Heritage


Cost: FREE

Heritage was the first of the fotopedia apps I downloaded and is really what made me a fan of not only their projects, but also their mission as a whole. The app, like the site, is an ongoing collaborative effort which currently features more than 25,000 photographs from all over the world. Navigating the photos can be done via Smart Tags, by browsing the world map, or by searching terms directly. As with the other apps, you may mark photos as favorites or save them as wallpaper to your device. In addition to the Wikipedia abstracts, destinations feature official information provided by UNESCO. The heritage app is a wonderful example of education, art, travel and inspiration merging into one spectacular end product.


Heritage - Title Heritage - Map

Heritage - Peru Heritage - Oceana

Heritage - Asia Heritage - Morocco


• Point-of-Interest Descriptions – Descriptions by the UNESCO and Wikipedia. 
• Travel Planning – Keep track of destinations in Favorites and TripAdvisor.
• Instant Slideshow
• Wallpaper – Choose from thousands of high-resolution photos.
• Social Media – Share your favorite images via email, Facebook and Twitter. 
• Search & Navigation – Smart Tags, Smart Previews, Search boxes and Interactive Maps.
• Shuffle – Shaking your device may be the fastest way to travel the world.
• Retina Display – Experience the beauty of our world as a spectacular visual experience.


Project Trailer



Customer reviews of fotopedia apps

“This app is spectacular, and different then any tour of Paris you could ever take; you’re seeing Paris from the eyes of hundreds of spectacular photographers. I haven’t seen anything like this before – I love it!”

“I wasn’t planning on going to Paris, and even if I was, I wouldn’t need to anymore, since this app has it all. Highly recommended. I also suggest that everyone should check out Fotopedia’s other awesome apps.”

“What a marvelous collection of stunning photos of all the Nat’l Parks. Quang-Tuan Luong has an artist’s eye for composition & big-picture beauty. This app is cool for how it’s jam packed with factoids & background on the parks, plus a nice little mapping feature.”

“Beautiful photos. Each one is such a wonder to see. If you appreciate artful photography and are open minded to different cultures, this is the app for you. I love this.”

“Every photographer or art fan should check it out.”





What are some of your favorite iPhone or iPad apps?

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