FlickrExport Plug-in for Aperture

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flickrExport_previewI’m a big fan of Aperture. I’ve tried every version of Lightroom, and though it keeps getting better, I still keep coming back to Aperture. The interface, the tools, the overall workflow just makes sense to me. It feels more intuitive than Adobe’s offering. That being said, there are several areas where there is room for improvement. One of those areas is the integration with Flickr. Aperture has a Flickr exporter built in, but it’s implementation is very basic and doesn’t offer much beyond the most basic of features. Fortunately, a company called Connected Flow make a fantastic plug-in that offers pretty much everything you could want in the way of features and functionality. Video after the jump…

As you can see, FlickrExport for Aperture has got some fantastic features. Other features not mentioned in the video include: support for multiple Flickr accounts, the ability to add photos to more than one photoset, and the ability to transfer metadata directly from Aperture. If you use Aperture and Flickr, FlickrExport for Aperture can dramatically enhance your export workflow. Highly recommended.




FlickrExport for Aperture

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