Five for Friday [Inspiration]

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Here’s some inspiration to get you feeling creative over the weekend.

The Asylum by  Drew Geraci, via FStoppers.


Melissa Rodwell playing with natural light, via Fashion Photography Blog


Adam Dobrovits

Landscape Photography by Hungarian photographer Adam Dobrovits, via Cuded


Rona Keller

“Mostly portraits, with an idea behind them” by German photographer Rona Keller, via The D Photo


Steve McCurry - Near Agra, India

River of Life by Steve McCurry

 If you have suggestions for something you’d like to see on “Five for Fridays”, let us know.


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  • Deborah Gunn Hewitt April 16, 2012   Reply →

    omgosh.  The Asylum gives me the shivers.  I’m amazed at the frozen-in-time abandonment portrayed there – makes you think all the way through it.  I love Steve McCurry.  Gorgeous work.  beautiful lines.  The other work posted here is also so good.  I hope I can travel more as I get older.  I think the Five for Fridays is a great idea!  Gets the juices flowing.  Thank you for the effort here!

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