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Five For Friday #22

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“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” Helen Keller

Andre Ermolaev Andre Ermolaev

From what I have seen, the Icelandic landscape is like nothing else on the planet, and these aerial photographs by Andre Ermolaev seem to prove it. Getting a bird’s eye view, he is able to see the beautiful abstract lines and colors that aren’t visible on the ground.  [via My Modern Met]


Chris Buck - Paul Cooper isn't Bill Gates Chris Buck - Jeremy Stritzinger isn't Justin Timberlake

While Chris Buck has done his fair share of celebrity photography, these are not quite the celebrities you think they are. Doing a project for both Maxim and GQ called “Isn’t”, Buck took these look-alikes and shot them in some unexpected scenarios.  [via NPR The Picture Show]


Burning Man Burning Man

The people at Burning Man never cease to amaze me. Both the individual and group creativity that happens in this place once a year is just incredible. [via The Atlantic]


Matthew Albanese Matthew Albanese

You may think these are just your average run-of-the-mill landscapes, but they are actually made from cotton, salt, cooked sugar, tin foil, feathers & canvas. Matthew Albanese creates and photographs miniatures using common household objects and craft materials. The photos above were constructed with tile grout, moss, ostrich feathers, carved chocolate and wire. [via Feature Shoot]


We came across The Top 10 Commercials of the Week and, although most were just okay, this one was definitely worth watching, especially if you’re a fan of bulldogs. [via Adweek]

If you have something interesting you think we should feature on an upcoming Five for Friday, let us know.

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  • David Raboin September 10, 2012   Reply →

    The homemade landscapes are amazing. The aerial photos are nice, but I’m not sure if the colors are accurate. I’m an airline pilot and I have never scene such saturated colors from the air. But then I’ve never flown over Iceland so what do I know? If you are into aerial photos check out my blog

  • Kingsley Burton September 7, 2012   Reply →

    Mr J…. did you do the voice over for the VW ad?

    • Jeffery Saddoris September 7, 2012  

      HA! I wish. I guess it does sort of sound like me. Maybe I should do a voiceover demo reel. A new career?

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