Sara Lando

Exploring The Layers: Sara Lando

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I love finding a photographer’s work that is so good you just want to keep finding more of it. With all of the noise out there, these types of photographers are becoming fewer and farther between; which is why, when you do come across them, it can be inspiring. Sara Lando is one of those photographers. I have spent the the last hour stuck on her website, amazed at the creativity she seems to possess. The range in style she covers is incredible, being able to do simple and clean black and whites, to combining multiple layers in digital and analog mixed-media. She has done fashion photography with companies such as Nokia, Samsung, and Italian Vendetta, as well as utilizing her passion to create self-portraits she calls, Layers. Every Sunday for an entire year she randomly picked a theme using a word randomizer and proceeded to use it to create these remarkable self-portraits. “I wanted to mix analog and digital techniques, going back and forth between the two,” she says, “This work aimed to explore identity, the boundary between what’s real and what’s imagined and the way memory changes shapes with time.” What I love most about her work is that she doesn’t forget to have fun with it. I think there can be a pure joy to photography that we, too often, tend to forget about. But, Lando doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. She obviously loves what she does and it comes through in her work, regardless of the media she happens to be using. 

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