Lauren Simonutti

Documenting Madness: Lauren E. Simonutti

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  • Catherine Ann

    This body of work is arresting in it’s stark honesty and vulnerability. Ms. Simonutti’s desire and willingness to share her journey, of what seems so dark a passage through time, will no doubt benefit all affected by mental illness and their loved ones.  
    Rest in Peace Lauren.

  • Jeffery Saddoris

    I don’t think she chose to stay in her illness as much as her illness chose to stay in her. She fought it quite hard and even attempted suicide on three different occasions.

  • Earl Newton

    With those kinds of illnesses, one wonders if it’s even safe to try to stay in it long enough to express it through art.  Sort of like creating a memorial to something that depresses you: you won’t stop being depressed until you can move past the thing that’s affecting you.