Swan - Nottingham, England by Gerald Robinson

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2012

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Being a wildlife photographer cannot be an easy profession (or hobby). Trying to shoot animals or insects or snakes, who move at their own whims and desires, whom you cannot pose, or even tell to be still, while you get that one perfect shot, can be almost impossible; and yet there are plenty who do it, and do it well. Covering everything from ocean life to animals which live in our own backyards, The British Wildlife Photography Awards recognize amateur and professional wildlife photographers all across the British Isles. Only in its fourth year, the competition has gained worldwide recognition, even though the awards are only given to UK photographers taking photographs of wildlife living in the UK. The purpose, according the the website was to highlight “the great wealth and diversity of Britain’s natural history” and “evolved through the nation’s growing awareness of the local environment and the need for its protection.” Thousands of photographers entered the competition this year and recently the winners were announced.


A cluster of dragonflies, oviparous (egg-laying) - Cumbria, England by Les Gibbon Mating flies mugs - Yorkshire, England by Oliver C. Wright Spider - Essex, England by Simon White Grey seal pup - Norfolk, UK by Simon Litten Reflection snake - Norfolk, England by Jamie Hall Deer at dawn - Surrey, England by Richard Waters Invisible: Leap of freedom - East Sussex, England by Dale Sutton Gannet Jacuzzi - Scotland by Dr. Matt Doggett
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