13 Queens: Alex and Felix

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Sometimes, when looking at other people’s work, I wonder where in the world their ideas come from. Is it that some people are just gifted with a more curious and imaginative mind than others? This series, called 13 Queens, by photographers/artists Alex and Felix is a fantastic example of that. They have created a body of work, filled with wonderfully magical compositions. Presented without explanation, we as viewers are left to form our own narratives, to use our own imaginations to create a back story or context that perhaps the artists themselves had not thought of. Beginning with pen and paper, they sketch their ideas down to the last detail. They then personally build the sets and all of the costumes by hand, not relying on computers or any sort of post-processing. All of this effort makes the final images appear even more lifelike and magical, like some surreal storybook come to life.

Alex and Felix - Queen Rocket Alex and Felix - Queen Spoon Alex and Felix - Queen Happy Alex and Felix - Queen Tin Alex and Felix - Queen Slide Alex and Felix - Queen Mini Mouse Alex and Felix - Queen Glitter Alex and Felix - Queen Motorhead
[via Feature Shoot]

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  • mike drew November 15, 2012   Reply →

    Don’t get me wrong. I like these images. But it seems to me that they are photographs of art rather than photographs as art. All the real work went into creating the objects to be photographed. The lighting is pretty much identical in each picture of the series – and I know that this is a grotesque over-simplification – so it was just a matter of arranging the elements and hitting the thunder button. That doesn’t make the photos uninteresting or unattractive but to my way of thinking they are just two-dimensional representations of some pretty cool three-dimensional objects. It’s the objects and their placement that are the art. The photos are just a record of its existence.

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