Amazing Collages Of New York City Landmarks

Manhattan-based artist Nina Boesch has found a use for the thousands of Metro Cards discarded every day by commuters in Gotham. She repurposes them into fantastic collages of New York City landmarks, such as Guggenheim Museum, the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge. She also creates portraits of iconic New Yorkers like Robert de Niro, Woody Allen and even Conan O’Brian. Originally from Germany, Boesch’s day job is as the Senior Interaction Designer for Ralph Appelbaum Associates, where she specializes in creating UI/UX for interactive installations. Her personal work has a pop art sensibility, while still honoring the disciplines of graphic design and typography and emerges as a brilliant reimagining that captures the feel of NYC.


Metro Cards - de Niro - Coco

Metro Card Collages - NYC Landmarks

Metro Card Collages - Guggenheim - Taxis

[via Design Taxi]